Sooke Slide Jam II

untitled shootJuly 12, 2013-2

The second annual Sooke Slide Jam was last friday. Sooke has a rad little scene with some cool young cats, and plenty of fun hills to skate, so whenever they try to get a bigger sesh together, I always try and make my way out there to shred with them. I picked up Sloat along the way, and somehow avoided traffic altogether, which made for a quick trip to the hill.

Ben always shows up just to win largest heelside standup.

Ben always shows up just to win largest heelside standup.

untitled shootJuly 12, 2013-58

Heelside stander into boardslide off the kicker. Yes he landed it.

There were tons of kids there from ages 10 on, and some pretty cool DIY features, like the little kicker above, as well as some archways to go through, and an adjustable hippy jump at the top. Everyone was amazed that Levi showed up to a slide jam with only an Evo, and what he was able to do on it.

Thanks a lot Taylor Sulzen, Ben Reynolds, all the other dudes who organized, the skaters who showed up to get gnarly, as well as local event sponsors, Regular Underground, Switchback, and everyone else who I forgot! Wooo SKATEBOARDS!

untitled shootJuly 12, 2013-68

One of the organizers, Taylor Sulzen waves for the camera as I get my lurk on. I think Walton caught me.


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