Bangers from the West Coast Wobbles’ Slide Jam 2013

untitled shootJune 29, 2013-43

Erin Couldwell was as greasy as ever.


The first slide jam of the summer here in Victoria went down yesterday, hosted by local grom rippers the “West Coast Wobbles”.

untitled shootJune 29, 2013-54

Trevor Cotrell from Saltspring showed up and took home first place!

I didn’t really realize how many groms we have in the CRD, because there were probably 40 kids ranging from 10-17 years old, and a couple older dudes as well.


untitled shootJune 29, 2013-58

Adam Walton was throwing huuuuge switch slides all day on super janky wheels.

Everyone was shredding really hard, trying to get one of the numerous swag packs the jam got hooked up with. Thanks to Regular Underground, Switchback, One Six, Aimless Skate, and even Sanction(shocker, right? I know, I was surprised too.) for helping motivate everyone to try their hardest and win some free gear.


untitled shootJune 29, 2013-68

Dylan Campbell jumping over a nervous Aidan Sullivan.

The jam took place on a little dead end street with a nice banked righty, a couple driveways to slash, and a curb or two to hop. There were no problems with the neighbours, which was GREAT!!! And some people from the nursing home on the street came out to watch, even.It was great to see such huge support for the Victoria longboard scene, especially with all the terrible media attention we’ve been getting lately. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come! Congrats to the winners of stuff, Trevor, Dylan, Ben, and whoever else. See y’all next time!


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